About Hebrewsphere

Hebrewsphere is a black owned social platform built in response to recent attempts by white owned social media sites to stop black people from speaking the truth. White owned media will often silence (Nick Cannon) or demonize (Farrakhan) black voices that speak out against European Jews, but will turn a blind eye at racist comments made by Europeans about black people.

  • You will not be asked to denounce your own people in order to appease white media.
  • Presenting historical facts will not be branded as “hate speech”.
  • You won’t be put in social media “jail” for practicing your First Amendment rights (they always find a way to lock us up).

If we want to be unapologetically black, we must own our own social media platforms, businesses, etc. The core belief that Hebrewsphere was built on is that no black voices will be silenced for speaking the truth… regardless of who it offends.

A Community Focused Platform

Unlike other social media platforms, Hebrewsphere specifically focuses on interests and issues relevant to the black community.

  • We encourage black empowerment.
  • We encourage the sharing of resources.
  • We encourage building with our own.

In almost every city in America there is a “Chinatown”, “Korea Town”, “Little Italy”, or other respectable names that reflect their culture and builds their community, but all black people get is “the hood”. Hebrewsphere is an online community associated with a specific nationality and culture, but everyone is welcome to enjoy the platform regardless of how you identify.

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