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  • Zion Mckay

    December 10, 2020 at 8:15 am

    Family help me to understand ,I was not aware that the Jewish community in England or London excepted that we are the chosen and excepted that we are the tribe of Judah and if you come from Judah you are a Jew and the things that you do would be Jewish customs , please put me in contact as anybody who is accepting the truth no matter whether they are converts connection with yah That is what this is about and this is what we need to do I am concerned about seeing advertising for the NHS on this site I have had personal experience with this and I would not advertise this on this site it would not be something I would feel would be of interest to the people , and a reaction from everybody that I have spoken to Does not understand this so please explain to me how a site which is to bring people together a reawakening has advertising for Mayer in another country, I’ve seen the way you break things down I just don’t understand how you could get into this The person you are endorsing has I have tried to contact him but does not except if he does not know the person that’s what the account says , at the age of 13 they put me in prison they told the magistrates that I was 16 a barrister a lawyer and my parents stated my age they put me in prison , NHS2 months ago I had a motorbike accident I have no recollection of the accident itself or even it was a motorbike after I woke up trying to leave the hospital I I had to make a fuss so that they would call the police so I could get this 12 digit on a piece of paper , two years ago they did a procedure on me that could’ve caused a heart-attack sent fluid into my heart to see if it was working the vessels were good because I told him I had a discomfort on my chest they said you had a heart attack I replied when was it when I was training when it was I took my shower afterwards was it when I was sleeping afterwards was it when I woke up and drove Here the only reason I went to the hospital is because I spoke to somebody in Jamaica and they said go and have a check so I did ended up staying there for three days for them to tell me in the end you have an infection which could be treated with antibiotics that I asked them for and they said we cannot prescribe that yet so they would take you through life-threatening procedures before they would give you antibiotics to tell you the truth seeing that is causing me distress I could never understand what the pressure America went through because the racism so open it didn’t happen like that in England England is a reserved place the best way I can say this is passive aggressive , that is how racism is dished out . The more you act like them the more you’re excepted if you try to keep your culture I’m saying this just to give you an understanding of England even though it’s mixed it is not mixed Jewish do not mix Indian do not mix Arab do not mix Population of mixed race children in this country is Irish and English,The West Indian food shops are all controlled by the Pakistanis ,and you will not see The mixing even though the money is coming from that community.Jewish community do not mix with anybody.

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